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The only good think about having a course at 8 in the morning is getting to see the sunrise. It was beautiful yesterday so I was automatically in a better mood.
Today it is raining- less satisfying.
At least I don't have to go out until 9:30, maybe I'll be more awake then.
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I'm very bored at the moment, because I'm at uni and we have an one hour break. I jjust have nothing to do. Checked my emails, nothing new, checked some news sites, nothing interesting, did the wahl- o- mat, which is a tool that is supposed to help you decide who to vote...
Now I can't think of anything else to do for the last half hour...
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...morning. Autumn has arrived with rain and storm and falling leaves. At least it got a little sunnier later.

Spent the evening at a friend's birthday party. Many people that I didn't know, but it was fun anyway. We played sing star. I love this game. Somehow I'm not too bad, although I'm sure I can't sing. We also played table soccer, which was cool too. It was a nice evening and it made me feel better.

Tomorrow is the last day of the seminar in profiling I was attending as a optional subject. I should start to think about a topic for the term paper. Maybe he will give us some options tomorrow. Otherwise I'll have to ask him for advice.


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