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I just spent an hour doing some of the most ridiculous sport ever. I don even know. It was supposed to be some sort of cross between tae kwon do, thai chi and dancing? Mostly it was shaking and shimmiing and kicking and doing ridiculous moves. Maybe I just not made for stuff like this. I get embarassed to easily. The instructor also was a little ridiculous, she looked like she hasn done any sport in all her life and had to stop every 5 minutes to drink and catch her breath. I'm not sure if I should go there again. On the other hand, it was funny and it is sport (maybe) and I already paid for the term so maybe I'll give it a few more weeks.
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Finally, the cold is over for now and summer has arrived. We've had sunny days for over a week now. I love summer, although my brain stops working if it's too hot. We'll see how it goes in Italy in August. Looking forward to it very much. It's going to be fun.

The soccer world cup is far more interesting than it should be. I've spent way too much time watching soccergames on tv, instead of working on my homework or other important stuff.
But germany is really good this year, which is kind of surprising. The players are all younger than me, and smaller. It's so cute. I hate that I'm so emotionally invested, because it does not make any sense, I'm not interested in sports at all and normally, i'm also not really patriotic or something. But it's just so much fun to watch and I would be sad, should they lose the next game.
What really annoys me is the use of "we" by everyone who talks about it. As far as I know, I did not stand on the field and played, so it's just not "we".
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Monday I'll fly to birmingham with my bet friend and another friend of ours. I'm very excited about it! We're going to have so much fun.
But before we go I should probably do something for uni... After we come back I only have another two weeks 'till the start of the new semester.

In other news: New Leverage and new Supernatural in the next few days!
And also Firefly will finally be shown in Germany for the first time in television! Of course, I won't be able to watch it, because I'm not there, but it's still cool.


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