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Upside down
by ~meddyliwr on deviantART

It's probably been said before, but no author this time. My world somehow seems not just upside down but turning and turning, and tumbling and spinning wildly and generally behaving contrary.

I have to start my bachelor's thesis at the latest on july, 1, if I want to finish my studies this semester, but somehow I was in a complete slump and didn't do anthing for far too long. But as life turns out, just as I was at the end of my rope, couldn't sleep anymore and just worried about the future, somebody kicked my behind and jumpstarted me a little. At least now there is some hope again.
But that also means that now I have to really do stuff. Also, I will move to Berlin in the fall for Masters studies, so now I'm looking for rooms, try to get together my application for university, have to think about all these things that come with moving 500km. And so on. I just kind of feel like the world turned upside down recently. Or it was upside down and is now right again?
But change is good.

Date: 2012-06-15 11:53 pm (UTC)
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You can do it, sweetie!

I'm kind of in the same sort of place you are, psychologically. I've been coasting, working VERY part-time and generally enjoying a year off from all my responsibilities. But since I'm now running out of money, the fun is over, and I'm kicking it up a few notches to try to bring in some income.

Upside down, indeed.

You're right though - change IS good. And when it's school, I think it's also FUN. Enjoy this time - when you're in the workforce you won't have the same flexibility that you do now.



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